Last weekend, my niece married her high-school sweetheart in a gorgeous vineyard wedding. I had never thought of weddings at a winery to be ideal, I’ve always been a stickler for tradition myself, but the ceremony was absolutely stunning, and of course the bride was divine, but it was the vineyard wedding venue that was truly to die for. They set up the wedding perfectly, with the altar placed beautifully at the edge of a row of grape vines. This winery in particular featured beautiful ballooning chiffon sashes for decoration and chairs and table settings that were reminiscent of nature itself, using grape vine branches as place settings and incorporating the natural beauty of the vineyard with the soft delicate quality of the wedding. Not to mention the professionalism of the vineyard staff meant that the wedding was an absolute success with guests content, and staff always organized and on the ball throughout the entire experience.

In part because of the demand for alternative wedding venues, the use of vineyard wedding locations has boomed, as young people move away from the more traditional tendencies of their parents and grandparents. It is almost necessary for vineyards these days to be able to perform weddings. Of course, being a wedding winery is a fantastic way for vineyards to make a profit from the winery location itself, not only the wine it produces.

Of course, a highlight of a wedding in a winery is always the wine itself! The range of wines, especially their sauvignon blanc was far and above some of the best wine I have ever had, and to find out later that it is incredibly affordable was a perfect added bonus! In addition to their professionalism with the wedding, a hugely positive aspect of using vineyards for weddings is that the staff are experienced and knowledgeable about the wine served, and how to serve it, meaning both wine connoisseurs and casual drinkers are left happy.

After coming home, I started looking further into the business of winery weddings, and I realized that some of the best vineyard wedding venues are located close to major towns and cities right here in Victoria! In particular, it is wineries near Ballarat that stand out as having impeccable sommeliers, tasteful ceremonies and decorations that capture the love and delight of a wedding in a natural way.

Despite my own traditionalism, it is clear that having your wedding in a vineyard is convenient, beautiful, and incomparable!